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3 Things Parents Should Know During This Crisis

I came across this great article (in Hebrew) that discusses the ways therapists can handle a crisis like the one we are going through right now (Spring of 2020). While reading, my mind just translated it all to us as parents. So here are my main takeaways: The downside of being a SuperHero: We are […]

The Mandala: an elevator to connect and unleash your true essence

From a Crossed road to Your Inner Enso – The Self Many times we find ourselves in a crossed road where we need to decide what way to choose. We see several options ahead of us and we try to analyze what’s the right one, the one that will lead us to where we want […]

Internal Longing in a Repeating Dream: A Call to Re-Center

One of the first times I realized the power of the Inner Enso – the Self, was when I was working with one of my first clients. She was 24 years old at the time. She had constant dreams of one of her best friends walking away from her.