The Mandala is a tool from the art therapy world and art in general. The Mandala is like an elevator that allows diving into our subconscious, to bring a message our subconscious wishes to bring to our awareness.

This connection, to ourselves basically, allows to release the emotional energy that makes us feel stuck, that drains us, depresses us or creates loops – an obsessive feeling. The Mandala is a form of meditation, that allows a true, deep connection inside, like in a dream mode. The opportunity to understand that Mandala, alongside the emotional release it allows – creates a deep change as if we returned home – to real balance. The Mandala brings the difficulty we currently face, but also the solution.

We ‘meet’ online once a week, we talk about life and your Mandala (I give instructions and explain what to do, you create in your free time and send me a picture and a text describing the process of your work) When we meet – we understand the Mandala together. Many times we understand it even deeper in light of our conversation). Over time people get a feeling when it’s time to create another Mandala because they already have experience of the insight and balance that it brings.

People I work with describe a general change in their well-being. They feel more balanced, more capable, more connected to their inner strength and living more consciously and with a deep awareness of their inner strengths and inner richness.